VOIID  playing at Beach Sounds 2017

VOIID playing at Beach Sounds 2017



The inaugural Beach Sounds Fest boasted a killer Aussie punk line up with bands Lunatics on Pogosticks, VOIID, Miniskirt, White Blanks and WHARVES

Lennox Head Beach Sounds Fest 2017 was visualised, organised, booked and set up by Lennox Groove and was a huge success. The all ages festival's debut secured over 200 patrons and forced the young Australian music scene onto the town of Lennox Head.

Beach Sounds main focus and goal was to create an atmosphere where the bands enjoyed themselves just as much as the audience did, as well as to generate a thriving music scene in Lennox Head. This was aptly achieved by the ecstatic and enthusiastic young crowd who showed their grit and love of music through dancing, moshing and cheering for the bands playing.

Ben Luke