One of the most important Garage Punk outfits out of Melbourne in the past five years have been the undeniably fun band Dumb Punts, the Punts have met with Lennox Groove on a few different occasions and we finally convinced them to sit down for a chat!
Seattle, who switches between both drums and guitar/lead vocals is just a third of the driving force behind Dumb Punts, but she gave us the run down.

Lennox Groove: Hey legend how are ya!?
Seattle Gallagher: Hey mate, yeah bloody good thanks.

LG: How did each of you guys get into playing music?
SG: I guess at one point or another we all just picked up guitars and then Brent and Jimbo played in bands growing up. Just like listening to music so we all started playing I guess.

LG: What's the story behind how Dumb Punts was formed?
SG: Brent and I moved down to Melbourne from Bonny Hills. Jimmy was already living down there and we ended up staying on his couch for a few months and starting mucking around in the Jungle Den. We had a jam one day and then wrote some songs and played em at a show the next week.

LG: Who or what are your main creative influences?
SG: We're influenced by heaps of stuff. I suppose we get heaps from our mates, everyone's doing cool shit so it makes you wanna do cool shit too, you know?

LG: Give us a few words to describe your sound.
SG: Uh shit, this old chestnut. I would say Garage Power Pop Pub Rock, but what does that even mean?

LG: What's the songwriting and recording process like for you guys?
SG: For the most part we'll all write our songs and then bring them to the band to be expanded on and made better. It works pretty well with us. As far as recording, we get our mate Adam at Pissfart Records to record and mix us and he knows our sound and what we want so it's also very easy.

LG: You guys all sing on Punts songs, is it important for you guys to have that dynamic within the band?
SG: Yeah it keeps it fresh I think. Plus, Jimmy and I enjoy swapping cause we both love playing the drums.

LG: You've played heaps of interesting gigs, but how did the Punts very first live show go?
SG: It was a raging success hahah. Nah, it was good, we played at Old Bar to all our new mates and Jimmy's old mates and it was sick. Everyone was psyched.

LG: It seems like your always on the road or playing shows with bands like WASH, WOD or Drunk Mums. Is it as fun as it looks touring and playing gigs with a bunch of mates?
SG: It's the best part of all of it. It's why we do it. We love those guys and getting to tour and play shows with your fav people and bands is pretty special. It's definitely always a wild time. WOD can be a right pain in the arse though, ha ha ha.

LG: What are some of the craziest stories from being on tour?
SG: There's always something going on. I wouldn't know where to start. You get a bunch of mates together having a bunch of beers and some shit is always gonna go down. It's all good though.

LG: What are some bands to watch out for this year?
SG: Any Melbourne bands, everyone is poppin' off. Music scene is hustling right now and it's not even summer yet. Actually, just Australia is generally producing some real good underground music. It's sick.

Ben Luke