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ABC launches new series 'Soundtrack to Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse'

ABC has just launched a fantastic new TV series 'Soundtrack to our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse' and it is packed full of top new Australian indie music. Some great local Lennox Head connects as well!

Featuring tunes from Horror My Friend, Ruby Fields, Caroline and Claude, HYG, The Rions, Teenage Joans, Beddy Rays, Smol Fish, Fritz, Maia, Vacation Club and more.

So what is it all about?

Set in a dystopian near future the world has gone to crap with a horrible virus infecting everyone. Sounds a bit too familiar right? But this virus turns the infected into brain eating zombies. Despite this apocalypse the power of Australian mega youth radio station Triple J has somehow prevailed and the show focuses on four music-obsessed teens are on a mission to win triple j Unearthed High whilst trying to stay alive. We love the idea that the internet has been down for two years, but radio is still on the air! Hats off to the script writers on this idea, including our own Lennox Head ex-pat Max Quinn. The Lennox Head connection continues with one of the stars of the show Isaiah Galloway being a local High School student.

Other newcomers Mina-Siale, Nick Annas, and Ruby Archer make up a stellar cast.

Soundtrack to Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse unpacks the experience of COVID lockdown and the conflicting, challenging emotions many have felt over the last few years. This is a story about complex friendships, resilience, and empowerment through creativity during uncertain times, mixed with the thrills and chills of a zombie classic.

The Zombies are not "The Walking Dead" scary and the show has an exciting and fun atmosphere powered along by the killer soundtrack which makes us think of BMX Bandits meets Scott Pilgrim Saves The World.


Soundtrack To Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse is an ABC Original production, created and developed by Executive Producer Mary-Ellen Mullane and Supervising Producer Lyndal Mebberson, of the ABC Children’s Department.

The series is directed by Imogen McCluskey, AFTRS Graduate and alumnus of the prestigious American Film Institute Directing program.

Rounding out the team are writers Adam Bigum and Hannah Samuel, with Max Quinn on board as a script consultant. Soundtrack to Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse launched on Monday 15 August, and broadcast weeknights at 6:30pm on ABC ME. The first five episodes will also be available on ABC iview from Monday 15 August. The remaining five episodes will be available from 6:30pm, Monday 22nd August. ABC iview: Official Website | Youtube enquiries: Georgia Stone

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