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Sputnik Sweetheart launches into orbit !

Sputnik Sweetheart sets Australian airwaves alight ahead of their Australian tour which takes off on 17 September 2022 at Noir City Fest at the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney.

Every now and then an emerging Australian indie band stands out, even amongst the huge number of fantastic Australian acts releasing new music. Canberra based band Sputnik Sweetheart is certainly one of those bands and has established themselves as one of the most exciting emerging bands on the scene today.

Formed in 2019 the band have so importantly developed their own distinct sound. Dark indie vibes swirl around the vocals of lead singer Nette France. The songwriting is fantastic with catchy enjoyable melodies combined with complex post-punk arrangements. The result is the best of both worlds, accessible yet very very cool.

We were not too surprised to learn that top young Australian producer Jack Nigro of Grove Studios helped the band lay down the tracks.

Recognition has followed with Triple J adding their track 'Lindy Hop' to full rotation whilst Unearthed gave the music video for their track 'Heavenly' a great feature. The music video was also video of the week on RAGE and added to MTV's 'Upload'.

The music video for Heavenly (see above) was produced by Tilly Towler (PSEUDO STUDIO, KIOSK) and Directed by Levi Strauss Cranston. The video channels the raw emotion of this track in which songwriters Nette and Joe Pabis write about the death of a teenage friend. It is art at its finest, honest, personal, raw and connecting.

Sputnik Sweetheart is Nette France - Lead Vocals and Guitar, Josef Pabis - Bass, Malcolm Newland - Drums and Vocals and Zac Bailey - Guitar. Behind them they have an amazing team including their manager Billy Bianchi of Warm Water Management and Vienna Bradley their booker at Raida Artists.

Sputnik Sweetheart are heading out on this great tour in September/October! They have already played with a bunch of top Australian acts, but soon enough bands' bios will boast they played with Sputnik Sweetheart...they are that good live, do not miss out!..

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