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Lennox Groove's 2022

2022 was a big year for Lennox Groove. Emerging from the cocoon that 2020/21 put us in, our artists were chomping at the bit to get their music out and live baby live in 2022! Here are a few highlights!

We formally manage WHARVES, Mouse, Mike Watson, Garage Sale and The Colliflowers so a bit about them first....

The Colliflowers played their first show only one year ago and have quickly earned a reputation as a top flight live band playing shows with the likes of Pacific Avenue, South Summit, Taj Ralph, Gabriella Cohen and Lazy Ghost to name a few. They were also named on the line up of the since cancelled Festival of the Sun 2022. A string of singles and a huge touring schedule awaits them in 2023.

The Colliflowers, photo by Daniel Pereira

Garage Sale released their brilliant album ‘Shimmer’. National radio play and Spotify playlisting followed. We are very excited to announce they will be supporting a major international touring act in Melbourne early next year. Stay tuned!!

Mike Watson the lead guitarist of WHARVES is kicking off his new projects Hypnic Jerks (indie guitar) and Blue Fields (Electro). He is also a skilled producer working with The Colliflowers, Ranga Rover, Dani Teveluwe, Milk, Z.A.M and more. We are super excited to be hosting Hypnic Jerk’s debut show early in 2023.

Mouse released their debut album ‘Here Was Then’ an amazing body of work blending elements of punk, grunge, gaze into a unique and fresh sound. The album was named as Album of the Week on Brisbane station 4ZZZ and Sydney’s FBi radio in the same week! The album has attracted international praise and the band were interviewed by New York University radio.

WHARVES had a huge year releasing their 2nd EP ‘Don’t Stop’ and touring the UK culminating in a spot at the famous Isle of Wight Festival with great assistance from our London mates at This Feeling Music.

WHARVES getting ready to play Isle of Wight Festival 2022

Creep Features – We first met Creep Features at their EP launch show at the Vanguard and were totally blown away by their super tight and powerful dark indie rock set.. and their rabid fans! We helped the band get out of Sydney to play a bunch of shows in locations on the North Coast. In Sydney we created the City Noir show at the Lansdowne Hotel which saw them play alongside Sputnik Sweetheart, Satin Cali, The Sooks and Local Safari. The band are heading off on our first Grand Pacific Tour in early 2023 (see below).

Creep Features at The Lansdowne, photo by Charlie Hardy

Dani Teveluwe is a local first nation’s indie pop artist who has been making waves in 2022. Not only a gifted musician and songwriter Dani is a super hard worker and excellent self promoter. We were very proud to work on her singles and stoked to see her career progressing in leaps and bounds.

Del Slackers our favourite pop punk band continued their great run with support from Triple J Unearthed and hit the stage with bands including Crocodylus. The band have been back in the studio with Jack Nigro at The Grove studios and will be releasing new tunes in early 2023.

Echowave We are stoked to work on their new track Hidden Spaces which takes the band in a new direction of pop psyche. They headlined our ‘Beach Rock’ show at the Hoey Moey in Coffs Harbour and are gearing up for an EP in 2023.

Flying Machine are a Byron Bay band we have been also fans of for years. A super cool group that have been based in LA and recently touring with Skegss. Their new single ‘Rainbow’ released this year is getting big Spotify streams and they are recording their new album in LA. Keen to get back in their moshpit on their return to Australia!

Gully Days are a band killing it on the Sydney indie rock scene, playing to big crowds in the inner city and beach suburbs. Their single ‘Ay-Oh’ saw their first play on Triple J and an add to Alex Rainbird’s YouTube playlist. Their follow up single ‘The Others’ has almost hit 50,000 streams on Spotify.

Local Safari continued to release great music in 2022 and solidified their reputation as one of the hardest working emerging bands on the Australian scene playing a huge number of shows and hitting the stage with top bands including The Rions, The Grogans, Towns, Lazy Ghost and The Moving Stills.

Supersoakerr hot off the back of their epic 2021 self-titled debut album have been hard at work playing a bunch of shows and carving a seriously alternative pathway for their music . They have also just released a new single ‘Sleep on the Floor’ which was added to rotation on Amazing Radio (UK/USA).

We have loved seeing our artists create and develop two great new indie record labels Sorehorse and Kitty Records.

Sorehorse is a new record label and the creation of Ben Luke (Garage Sale). It has just released some amazing cassettes including a ‘Always and 4Evr’ a fantastic compilation of tracks from emerging bands from USA and Australia in the shoegaze/emo/indie underground scenes. Sorehorse has also produced cassette re-release of albums from USA emo/shoegaze artists Waveform* and They Are Gutting A Body Of Water along with Garage Sale’s album ‘Shimmer’.

Kitty Records (Mouse, Twine, Swoon, Blue Vedder) is a label that is helping to support a great scene of alt bands in Australia. Getting their music recorded and out on physical mediums whilst also promoting their music and live shows.


Lennox Groove Presents….

Backstage with Local Safari, Creep Features, Satin Cali and Sputnik Sweetheart

at NOIR CITY at the Lansdowne.

We take the view that live music is such an important part of our artists’ development. We work hard to create, promote and run our own shows and tours for our artists. 2022 saw us put on a bunch of shows including at the Cactus Room Melbourne, The Lansdowne Sydney, Beach Hotel Byron, The Lennox Hotel and The Hoey Moey Coffs Harbour.

2023 will see us significantly ramp up the number of shows are doing. We have just launched our new ‘Grand Pacific Tour’ series which is designed to give city bands a run of 4 or 5 shows on the North Coast in as many nights. The aim of the series is to ensure bands can reduce the per-show costs of touring and get in front of a wide audience in multiple locations over just one long weekend. The added bonus is that we get them to our home town as well!

2023 is shaping up to be a great year for Australian music with so many amazing new and emerging bands. We are very excited to be a passionate part of the alt indie scene and look forward to supporting it in all is glory in 2023.

We have put together a Lennox Groove 2022 playlist which features our artists along with a bunch of other artists we loved listening to this year, including UK and USA artists. Enjoy!!

Have a Happy New Year and a great 2023 fam.

Nath Manager Lennox Groove.

PS with so many shows coming up we need a heap of top bands to play our shows. We love hearing from you so hit us up with a short summary of your 2023 plans and a couple of links to your socials and tunes!

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