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Album Review - Moveys by Slow Pulp


By Nath Luke

Slow Pulp are definitely one of my favorite music discoveries of the last 12 months. Distinguishing themselves as a band that could effortlessly create such a distinctly unique contrast between heavy and lush. I have since been following their new singles eagerlyl as they journeyed towards the release of their debut album Moveys. While coming forward as both vulnerable and strong footed, this first LP from the group throws a left turn that is equal parts exciting and relaxing.

Slow Pulp’s music is immediately familiar with both sonic and songwriting links to those that came before them in the world of “indie guitar” music. But the mark of a truly great band like Slow Pulp is to take those influences and genres, and make them their own. Slow Pulp’s just released debut album Moveys is an unique stand out body of work with all the necessary to become a timeless star of the genre

The vocals from band front Emily Massey are just perfectly balanced between powerful and intimate and she conveys strong emotion that draws you in and connects you to the music created by the band.

I knew from previous releases and live shows that this is a band that knows how to lay down a full throttle, guitars heavy, shoegaze-esq indie track. But on Moveys the band has dialled it back and taken a more gentle and intimate approach to the recording and production of their tracks. The result is touching, connective, but hooky. The 10 track album leads you down a path that is not all serious, there is some playfulness and fun to be had amongst this collection of emotive songs. Whilst the title track is filled with what sounds like fun samples or studio collaboration, the bare interlude “Whispers (In The Outfield)” is a piano instrumental which creates a close quarters feeling of being a part of the wider narrative of Moveys. Fitting with the rest of the album you hardly notice the absence of vocals. It was cool to learn that the piano on the track was played by Massey’s father.

This is indeed an album to be listened to from start to finish over and over, testament to the songwriting skill of the band. It is hard to pick a couple of dominant “hits” from this debut. Each time I spin it I am drawn back to different tracks.

Obviously the state of the world and personal lives of the band have personally necessitated this album being recorded outside of a formal studio environment but it is great to see an indie album being recorded at the artists homes.

Slow Pulp are Alexander Leeds (bass), Theodore Mathews (drums), and Henry Stoehr (guitar) who have played together since primary school whilst growing up in Madison, Wisconsin who formed Slow Pulp in 2017 with lead singer Emily Massey. They moved to Chicago and are now signed to Winspear Records.

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