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Chelsea Warner - Music Video of the Week

On this instalment of our Australian Music Video of the Week we feature Chelsea Warner with her track 'It Be Like That' which is from her luscious debut EP 'Drama'.

The music video was created by the very skilled team of director Hebah Ali and editor Sandra Giarta. Lockdown has struck again with limitations on the filming seeing the artist rope in her family to help with the raw visuals. The film shines because of this element giving such a personal feel, a glimpse into the artist's home life that is refreshing and genuine. We have seen this factor emerge strongly during the lockdowns with Do-It-Yourself recordings and films giving the 2021's music and music videos a distinct flavor.

Chelsea said "“The video represents a desperate clinging to predictability and control over your life...this song embodies the feeling of being trapped in your hometown and wondering what else lies ahead of you in a seemingly unpredictable future.”

“It was filmed in my family home, so some of my favourite details are things that I just found around the house, like the 3 red candles, teddy bears, cool old books, weird glasses, cups, bowls, flowers from my Mum’s garden and my actual high school graduation sash.”

At only 20 years of age Chelsea Warner has produced a stunning debut EP in 'Drama'. A soulful and super smooth collection of tracks, this is the sort of record you put on to impress your friends and hope that you gain some of the absolute COOL that it emanates from every groove. But this is also a personal exploration of the artist's past and own aspirations.. “From re-working songs I wrote when I was 16 to starting new tracks completely from scratch, I was able to reflect on the turbulent formative years of my young adulthood and look back at them with retrospect and nostalgia, while also being not quite yet removed. As I delved deeper into my own experiences, the EP slowly became about the invisible audience of adolescence and the coming of age expectations put onto young girls, with the world constantly feeling like a high-stakes stage. "

You can catch Chelsea Warner on Christmas Eve at Waywards Sydney with fellow uber cool cats Royel Otis and Taj Ralph. Free entry, but get there super early we reckon it will be packed! LINK TO DEETS..

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