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Denise Le Menice On Shoegaze, Gear and Leroy Francis


Ali Flintoff made her start in Perth outfit called Boat Show. Currently Melborune based she now she makes music as Denise Le Menice. Following on from the release of her new single 'Lust' Lennox Groove caught up with Ali to find out a little more.

Lennox Groove: Do you have any particular influences?

Ali Flintoff: I’m influenced by 90’s dream pop and shoegaze. In particular, songs like' Beautiful Stranger' by Madonna, 'Sexy Boy' by Air and The Dandy Warhols.

LG - You hit SXSW earlier this yearwhat was that experience like? Would you recommend it other artists?

AF: Hmmm. Don’t think it’s worthwhile to go unless people are already talking about you over there. Artists would definitely get more out of it if they’re known and getting played on the radio. I already knew that before I went, but I had never been to the USA before so I went for fun time more so than to build my career. [I] would definitely recommend if you want to go to have fun though!

LG: Do you have any music gear that you are loving at the moment that you would like to tell us about...

AF: Yes I love my blue Dan Electro. Such a gem. I’m pretty minimal with gear. I just like what I have and have no desire to change it very often. I’m in love with my Boss Blues Driver. I always have it turned on and never play a set or guitar in general without it.

LG: You hear a lot in the Aus industry about being "strategic" with playing shows, others say you should just get out and gig as much as you can, is that your preference?

AF: Play heaps of shows when you first start a band, just force yourself into people’s minds and lives. And once people know about you and you grow a following, then is the time to be strategic and play less.

LG: You played a gig up in Sydney with Leroy Francis, is he the messiah or just a very naughty boy?

AF: Both I guess. Every time I see him he has a different serious injury. When I played with him in Sydney a couple weeks ago his ankle was f*cked and he had a massive limp. Poor Leroy.

LG: The tracks you released this year 'Stars' and 'Lust' seem to be a serious development of your sound.. Where are you headed with your sound and what is your process?

AF: I’m headed to write more song like 'Stars'. 'Lust' was more of an experiment to see if I could write a more dancey song. The process is pretty simple. When I have an idea I like I’ll just start recording the parts and write the full song that way. If I can’t finish the demo in the day I usually just scrap the song. It means I wasn’t into it enough to put the effort in to finish it right away.

LG: What bands and artists do you see as being in your scene in Australia and oveseas?

AF: Heaps! I can’t even list them cause there’s too many I can think of. Literally just any dream pop or shoegaze band.

LG: Can you recommend a few artists and bands for fans of" Denise Le Menice to check out?

AF: Absolutely! Tallies, Poppongene, Ursula, DIIV, Japanese Breakfast, Quivers, Flyying Colours, and Nat Chippy.

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