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Face Face, Music Vid of the Week

Our Australian Music Video of the Week comes from Melbourne band Face Face. The film is for their latest single 'The Karen Song'.

When we heard 'Animal Crossing inspired' we were pretty much in for this video. It was even better than we anticipated. The super wholesome vibes of the gaming experience applied to a song about horrible "Karens"*, who try to single handedly suck the fun out of the universe like some sort of middle aged Dementors wearing mum jeans, somehow creates a lovely balance. We could not stop smiling from start to finish.

We know first hand how insanely laborious animation is. Carefully creating each frame and multiple backgrounds is a mega task. That's why Kiki's Delivery Service cost $10M to make. We suspect animators Alison and Sean from Melbourne based agency "AE Creative Space" may have pulled off this classic for quite a bit less. Check out their other amazing work at

Face Face are three Melbourne mates serving up indie-rock for nostalgic 90s kids. For a few years, they've been winning over punters with their intricate bass lines, fuzzed-up guitar tones, candid lyrics and one of the fastest drummers in Melbourne.

Since the release of their debut self-titled album, they've supported the likes of Slowly Slowly, Clowns, The Hard Aches, Jade Imagine, Cry Club, Moaning Lisa, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Painters & Dockers.

You can catch the band live very soon with a show for the birthday of Loz of the band being held on 5 May 2022 at the Hotel Westwood. They have very wittily called the gig Lozapalooza which is a mash up of 'Loz' and the well known musical concert called 'Lollapalooza', which we note this year is headlined by Metallica and Dua Lipa. We imagine Face Face at the Westwood will have a similar vibe. Follow all things Face Face at * yes we know not all Karens are bad, we know some lovely people called Karen and it is very unfair their name now defines a nasty person. But these things happen. My campaign to abolish 'Lukewarm' continues. Nath Luke.

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