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Happy International Woman's Day! To celebrate we asked a few ladies in the industry to list 5 of the


We asked a few leading ladies in the industry to name the five women they thought were kicking music industry ass. Their choices range from not only woman fronting bands and other musicians but those behind the scenes as well. Rabbit Radio is proud to be a female-driven force and commend all ladies currently kicking goals within the industry. Take our word, it's a hard one to crack.



Princess Nokia

"She is a huge advocate for all those who identify as women as well as all minorities in society. She is beautifully outspoken and powerful."

Jen Cloher

​"Through her music alone we can hear her stance. She’s incredibly insightful and honest. And one of my fave songwriters."

Camp Cope

"They do such great things for the betterment of our industry. Their strength inspires me. They are true fighters for positive progression."

Courtney Barnett

"Courtney is killing it overseas and an incredible songwriter. I look to her to see the possibilities are endless."

Stella Donnelly

"It has been a pleasure to share the stage with such an insightful and beautiful soul. She’s the real deal. Thrush Metal is perfect."


Inertia Music/Break Even Records

Romy Vager (RVG)

​"RVG hits me like an emotional tonne of bricks. Band leader Romy Vager is one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever witnessed. When she performs, she is the epitome of rawness and vulnerability. Romy's songs are her vessel for her own struggles and past and current experiences, but like all good songs, they become relatable to the individual. When I hear the lyrics of my favourite song 'That's All' - "I've been trying not to, get in your way...I've been trying not to, ruin your day" - they resonate with me so personally and really encapsulate a tough emotional period I've been in over someone for the past 18 months. RVG's debut A Quality of Mercy was one of the most important albums of 2017, nay, the decade in Australia."

Body Type

"I remember watching one of Body Type's very first gigs and being so excited by what I saw, even in the early stages. Over this past 18 months, they have moved from strength to strength. They have an infectious confidence and self-assurance. At the absolute heart of this band is the determination to do music their way, and not have anybody else speak for how and what they should be playing. Live, they're magnetic. Sometimes it's like there's the Body Type I get to watch on stage and fan out over, and then there's Sophie, Cecil, Anabel and Georgia - the four women who I get to call friends and who inspire me every day. This band is the future of Aussie rock and everyone needs to be across them, stat."

Nice Biscuit

"If you know me, you'd know that psych rock, female friendships, and the visibility of women in music are three of the most important things to me. So when we get Nice Biscuit, we get the trifecta. Frontwomen Billie & Grace shatter the male-saturated Aus psych scene with their double-barrelled harmonies, synchronised dance moves, and hand-designed, hand-made matching costumes. They're really quite a force live, I am so happy that I get to work with them."

Sampa Tembo (Sampa the Great)

"I most recently saw Sampa at this incredible gig inside St Paul's Cathedral, booked by another super talented lady I look up to, Mia Besorio from Acclaim. Sampa is unapologetic and powerful. She is a real poet - the standout hip hop artist in Australia for me. I am so in awe of her and her ability to gather together her community of friends and fellow musicians to perform alongside her. Most of the time I feel like none of us deserve her. We absolutely don't. It is an absolute privilege to see and hear her doing what she's doing. If anyone will break it overseas, it's Sampa the Great."

Stella Donnelly

"Stella Donnelly is absolutely undeniable. I first caught Stella in early 2017 after the release of her Thrush Metal for her first Sydney show. It was in a room of about 30 or 40 people brimming with industry people who were across her early. She was breathtaking, we knew she was going to be huge. Her triumphant return from BIGSOUND in September 2017 was no shock to me, I would have been offended with any less fanfare over this artist. 'Boys Will Be Boys' WAS the most crucial song of 2017. Hands down. When Stella sings those songs, they carry the weight of every female in history who has ever experienced sexual assault and watched their friends suffer it too. No spoiler alert - that's all of us. When Stella sings that song she tells us - society, your mates are your dad might pardon your inability to respect women's bodies - but we are here and we'll give you hell. Stella for Prime Minister."


The Zoo/Feed Music

​Trina Massey (BIGSOUND / Little Bigsound / Qmusic)

​"A powerhouse of knowledge, energy & support. Trina is an absolute inspiration, she does not let gender define her and continues to push barriers in the industry while evolving, supporting and revolutionising it with her along the way."

Rebecca Young (Collective Artists / Inertia group / Formerly WME)

"For being strong and independent. Bec sticks to her guns and has built herself a permanent career based on passion and a natural talent working alongside all areas of the music industry."

Maggie Collins (BIGSOUND / DZ Deathrays' Band Manager / triple j Presenter)

"Maggie's extensive & deep 11-year career in music has her grounded as one of the 50 most influential people within the Australian music scene. She continues to move forward in her path, always growing and has recently reached a pinnacle in her career. She's about to branch off into her own venture Morning Belle."

Jen Cloher

"For her music, her moving and inspiring music. For her time and passion in creating a support network for emerging musicians to help to improve longevity in their musical careers. For being a voice and support for female artists across the country."

Sarah Chipman (Title Track Managing Director )

"Sarah delivers. Her finger is on the pulse, she has this natural ability to make things work & her track record working with musicians is impressive. She is relentless with passion and energy she puts into not only building the musicians she works with but her very own 'title track'."


Rabbit Radio / Tiny Minds Agency


"These ladies are so damn electrifying and captivating onstage, I remember first seeing them live at FOTSUN, Port Macquarie a few years ago and I couldn't take my eyes off them. From then to now, they have further developed into an incredible band with a strong presence and even more skill! Prepare for world domination from these kickass ladies."

Maz DeVita (WAAX)

"Maz DeVita is downright amazing! No matter how many times I watch this band, I could never tire. Maz's vocals hit you right in the chest and slowly reverberate through your soul. Not only is her voice powerful, compelling and infatuating but the lyricism in Wild & Weak was a huge progression for the band and I believe it showed a side of Maz not seen before. As a great representation of woman in our industry, she's also not afraid to say exactly how she feels, especially regarding racism and woman's rights."

Nice Biscuit

"I think Bree put it perfectly above. I first witnessed the magic that is Nice Biscuit when they played a Rabbit Radio gig at Miami Shark Bar, Aug 6th last year supporting The Murlocs. As I stood side of stage I was absolute awe and these beautiful ladies. I couldn't take my eyes off these two ladies as they beamed radiantly in white."

Camp Cope

"Picking these ladies I think is pretty self-explanatory if you've ever listened to their music before. Not only have they rattled cages in the industry to encourage organisers to include more female acts, but they demand to be equals. As a woman in this industry, I have been ridiculed, not taken seriously and disrespected a lot so power to these ladies!"

Bitch Diesel

"I love love love these ladies! Yet to see them live, but I have no doubt they will be amazing. There is something they and the essence their music gives off. These ladies are killer!"



[Darcy instead decided to list her five most inspirational artists of ALL TIME, but as far as we're concerned these women of past and present all continue to be kicking industry ass.]

Angel Olsen

"Angel Olsen was introduced to me in 2016, after she just released My Woman. Her warbly notes and controlled vibrato captured me straight away. Every song was a journey, but I was especially partial to ‘Woman’. It swells and crashes and sucked me under. Her lyrics and vocals in that song inspire me daily."

Nina Simone

"I grew up listening to Nina Simone, I remember my dad would sing her songs with me while he had his cup of tea every evening. My love for singing stemmed from these moments and I cherish her music for so many reasons, it is euphoric to me and her voice is truly special. ‘I Loves You, Porgy’ is my all-time favourite performance by her. A beautiful sentiment and perfectly articulated."