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'Muy Picante' a new Melbourne mini-fest on Sat 8 May 2021


​Today we are talking to Blake Van Leeuwen who is the promoter of a new gig series in Melbourne called "Muy Picante" which kicks of at the Leadbeater Hotel on 8 May 2021.

Lennox Groove = G'day Blake! A new mini-fest series is super exciting news for the Melbourne indie scene, what's it all about?

The show is essentially a collection of fun bands and DJs which is reflective of our very first shows we would put on in our backyard. We think that it’s a great mix of different styles and ensures for an exciting night, which everyone can enjoy!

LG = Where does the name come from?

'Muy Picante' means "very spicy", and the guys and I just use it instead of saying ‘sweet’ - bit silly, but we enjoy it.

LG = Tell us a bit about the bands on the line up!

We have Teenage Dads, who are just a ball of fun. Party shirts a plenty, ripper tunes and very quirky and charismatic guys.

WHARVES - I first saw these guys in 2016, with the most ridiculous mosh pit for an indie rock band you have ever seen. They’ve come a long way since, and evolved their sound huge. Super exciting.

Electric Toothbrush - A four piece out of Melbourne whos style and sound is familiar yet distinctly unique. Their songs are boppy, moody, genre hopping and refreshing.

Mona Bay - We’ve watched these boys from their first couple of gigs through to a few years down the track and the improvement is unreal. The old garage rock band has evolved and their melodic, coastal tunes are treats to the ears.

Barefoot Bowls Club - Big Melbourne indie rock sound with songs focusing on local topics and scenery. The soothing vocals and surfy pop rock instrumentals brings sunshine and picnics on lush grass to the mind.

LG = How’s it going in Melbourne compared to pre-covid? Are people back out and getting to live music?

It definitely feels a bit different, but in a good way. I think everyone’s appreciating the fact we can go out and watch live music more than prior to covid. It feels very special now, a bit of a treat. We sure as hell all missed it during lockdowns and am very happy we can throw a party like Muy Picante!

Tickets for this show will be in super hot demand so get in on the pre-sale and don't leave it too late!

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