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okmattcollins - Music Video of the Week


okmattcollins is the solo project of Matt Collins who resides on the Far North Coast of NSW, Australia. 'I Adore You' is the focus track of his debut EP 'Everything's Changing' which he has just released independently.

It has definitely been a solo project with Matt playing all instruments and providing all vocals for the tracks on the EP. He did however have one very important assistant in ARIA award winning producer Steven Schram who has worked with artists such as Paul Kelly and San Cisco.

The music video accompanying 'I Adore You' was made in one day in the Gold Coast Hinterland around Canungra. It was shot on an old handy-cam by Dani Teveluwe who also edited the film into final form. Matt explains that 'I Adore You' is about childhood friendships, that precious and innocent time of having a 'best mate' and running around together exploring the small country town of Bowraville where Matt grew up. The film is wonderfully shot and the careful capturing of light filtered through trees sets the tone for the melancholy lyrics. There is a candid playfulness to the film and the staged shots of Matt's singing feel real and natural. He is not taking himself too seriously and obviously just enjoying the day and the process of the film-making.

The EP is full of indie folk and pop rock tracks which feel very personal and grounded. Matt explains that the process of his songwriting for the EP was very linear. He created the track with his acoustic or a keyboard and took that demo directly into the studio to add simple instrumentals in layers under the expert hand of engineer and producer Schram. The result for Matt is the most honest music he has made to date.

Matt is an experienced musician and for the last 6 years he has led local indie rock band WHARVES. Matt explains that he was able to clearly separate the two projects. Whilst okmatcollins follows the more traditional singer songwriter route, WHARVES is a very collaborative songwriting effort between the four band members and one which will often start in their home studio with jam sessions and a highly experimental approach to effects and tone. You can listen to okmattcollin's full EP here at find out about his upcoming live shows You can check out more creative work from Dani Teveluwe here (Dani is also a gifted singer/songwriter)

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