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The Beths new single 'Dying to Believe' released with a super fun video


Story by Nath Luke

Indie quartet ‘The Beths’ are back with an epic new single “Dying to Believe”

The Beths and bands like them continue to passionately champion and pursue their love of indie and punk guitar rock. Thank you!

The Beths don’t however just bang out 3 cords on an SG but weave a cleverly crafted indie rock with amazing songwriting. Like any good rock band their sound is underpinned by a tight as rhythm section with Benjamin Sinclair (bass) and Tristan Deck (drums).. The bass and drum work on the new single is simply immaculate and brought to a beautiful thumping balance by producer/guitarist Johnathan Pearce who recorded the single with the band at his Auckland studio.

The guitar work from Pearce is great. Not too cool to use a thing called a whammy bar (indie kids you can actually attach these to your jazzmaster), but keeping it super interesting with great lines and licks floating above the rhythm section.

Then of course we get to the melody, lyrics and vocals by Elizabeth Stokes out front which are beyond 10/10 and take a band, that has already got an amazing signature sound, and stamp it in huge red letters “The Beths”.

The Beths album Jump Rope Gazers will be released on 10 July through New York based uber cool label CARPARK RECORDS. Managed by guru Jacob Snell at Monster Management (WA) The Beths are simply a freaking great rock band and will no doubt continue to make a big mark on the world stage. Picking up support slots with the likes of the Pixies and Death Cab for Cutie gives you an idea of where they are going. A massive series of shows later this year with triple headers Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer in Aus and NZ will give you an idea that they are getting there fast!

Super fun video to go with this one.. how to be a rock band instructional. I tried it but can't sing or play guitar.

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